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‘Hobby horsing’ was shown as part of ‘Skaus’ at Rogaland Kunstsenter in Stavanger, Norway and was funded by the Norwegian Arts Council. 

This painting installation has been thought for the space and responds to its particular U shaped structure built on an elevated platform. It reminded me of a horsing track and a theatre stage. Cheesy hobby horses can be seen in tandem with flying legs, falling mini skirts, speech bubbles and a large wall painting of a head with inquisitive eyes.


‘Skaus’ is a Norwegian term that refers to a traditional stew in which new ingredients are constantly added to renew, refresh and to give an opportunity to the dish to keep on living. Skaus follows the same principle. It is an endless exhibition, a hosting and occupying platform that instigates encounters between sites, artists, institutions, social infrastructures and the audience. The intention is to explore different forms of collaboration, working towards an informal and shared authorship. Skaus is initiated and developed by Håvard Sagen, Mari Kolbeinson & Markus Bråten.

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